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Founded in 2010, Peritus Consultants are a team of dedicated headhunters based in Manchester. After successfully establishing one of the most prominent Rec2Recs in the North West, Gary Cox set up Peritus Consultants with a specific focus on quality and ethics. We’re a team who take pride in our interview to placement ratios, our retention rates, and our reputations.
We don’t use job boards, and don’t just pass CVs along.  We’re thorough, we investigate and we challenge. We have a honest, bespoke and quality focused approach to help match you to your perfect role, not just another role.

Our Philosophy

As one of the largest Rec2Recs in the North West, Peritus are proud to hold unrivalled knowledge of the recruitment landscape in Manchester Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Whether you’re a candidate or client, our advice is impartial.

We work with recruiters of all levels – from a trainee looking to break into recruitment, to a consultant seeking progression, or a Manager/Director looking for the next challenge; Peritus can help.

Always available, our knowledgeable team are experts at supporting Recruiters all the way through every stage of their job search and interviews.

We understand there’s more to you than your CV, and more to a role than a job title and salary package.  Spending time with clients and candidates alike, we make matches based on culture, progression, support, company size and development opportunities (to name but a few), instead of just role, salary and location.

Working with Peritus offers much more than just the obvious; a new job or a new member of staff.  Our ‘finger on the pulse’ attitude ensures that we can support in an advisory capacity also.  Peritus conduct regular salary surveys, are fully aware of the current buoyant sectors in recruitment, offer contractual advice on covenants and feedback on competitive salaries and commissions.  Our industry knowledge means we can also offer interview and hiring techniques and a true, honest, fact based opinion on recruitment businesses and individuals.

Should you have any recruitment query, get in touch.

Our Values



We are experts in our field and can truly advise our clients and candidates


We are not ‘yes men’…We tackle issues head on, with our clients and candidates best interests at heart


We work smart and efficiently to achieve goals, managing time and resources effectively


We are a team we promote communication and collaboration everyday


Gary Cox


With over two decades of experience in recruitment, Gary could be considered by some to be an ‘old hand’ at headhunting, talent acquisition, networking and the odd bit of business development.  Having a contact list longer than your arm, Gary is a good person to know and is renowned for helping many recruiters progress their careers.

Join our team

If you have the desire to build a long-term career and the passion to work in a lively sales environment, then we believe that we can provide you with all the necessary tools and support to be the very best you can be.

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